Steering Committee 2018

M. Mohamed Amine Chouai

Head of Communication Department

M. Lounes Adour



Senior Staff SH

M. Abdelkrim LOURDIANE

Senior Staff SH

Henry Delafon

Managing Director, Group Representative

M. Mohamed Keddam

Head of Country Resident Manager

M. Ridha Abid

Global Account Director

M. Lyes Benlalam

Senior Sales Staff Director

M.Taouinet Med Ameziane

Business Development Director

M. Tamoum Lounes

Sales Manager Oil & Gas

M. Meriem Boumediene

Head of Communication & Government Affairs

M. Said Akreche

Senior Energy Consultant

M. Ammi Anis

Business Unit Lead Service Oil & Gas

M. Mohamed Amine NECHACHBI

Consultant Corrosion & Material Selection Specialist

M. Raymond Cahill

Regional Manager- Africa